Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Well the last week and a half has been full of projects.  I got the idea that I would start painting some things I needed to get out of the way.  I don't know if the fumes have gotten to me or what because I can't seem to stop!  Paint, paint, paint...My skin on my hands and wrists has become a strange shade of speckled black and white(two of my favorite "colors" or noncolors if you will=)  So I will begin by posting some before and afters and maybe tell you a bit about my looooooooove to make old into new.

The ugliest green known to man and, yes, I picked it.  Was not expecting this hospital, circa 1965 version of green. 
So...I made her pretty and sleek in a little black dress=D You will find that probably ALL of my pieces are a "her".  You spend that much time with something and she's like a good friend(I know, the fumes..)
*She still needs some new hardware but haven't found just the right stuffs yet.

And this little table was screaming to be part of a white Christmas....

And what a difference!  I have one more and a coffee table that will be next on the white wash list=)

This patio furniture, I regret, I do not have a before picture for.  I am not sure why.  Blame it on the fumes again=)  But to give you a mental picture, it was this old powder, sort of slate blue.  Very rusted and just more dated than antique looking.  Sandpaper, Rustoleum, and paint to the rescue!

These two chairs were given to me and the white just stood out too much and just seemed dated. They were, by far the most trying as far as paint jobs went this week and last.  Oh wicker I despise you!  But I love the way they turned out=)(I only photographed one)

And the end result........cozy

And now for my girls' room.  This was actually where the painting marathon began.  I got a wonderful deal on these sweet Jenny Lind beds from my friend Rhonda.  They only needed a little paint to make them sweeter.  I'm not sure if you can tell but the first bed had almost a blue and white tie dyed look and the second was just, well brown.

And let me tell you, after being in their brother's hand-me-down boyish bunk beds...the L-O-V-E these!!!(me too=))))
And last, but certainly not least, the girls' desk.  This desk was a test in itself.  Not only did I have to conquer a Formica top(who knew you would find that on Ethan Allen) but also an angry paint can that wanted to dribble huge droplets of paint all over me and the desk!  Oh thank you husband for solving that mystery for me and saving what was left of the paint Walmart was out of!  So...before

Not so bad but not nearly girly enough for my two sweethearts!

Now this definitely suits them=)

Well I've painted until I don't think I could stand to look at another piece of furniture again.  But then again I do have plans to start again Thursday or Friday=)  Projects on the list right now: a chair that is in the process of reupholstering(scary, I know), another wicker set, a swivel desk chair, and maybe a night stand.  We will see.  So glad I got to share these things and sooooooo glad they are done!

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