Friday, November 9, 2012


They are under my feet in the kitchen.  They want to crack eggs and mix shells in my cookies.  They want to reach into the hot oven and grab the hot casserole.  They threaten to break every dish in my house with their clumsy little hands.  Oh but they want to help.  They want to cook and make beautiful delicious dishes that everyone will love.  They dress like I do, talk like I do, they even write like I do. They want to be like me.  Simple, plain, ordinary me.  Oh how humbling it is to be a mother of daughters.  These daughters that choose their drink at a restaurant based on what mommy drinks.  These daughters that ask, "What perfume are you wearing mommy? I want the same as you."  They come in with lipstick smeared faces ready to go to Walmart because they are just trying to do their faces up like mommy does.  I see it.  And sometimes I am frustrated by it.  Oh Lord, help me to remember in my busy hustle that they are trying to emulate me.  Help me to be the mother I want them to emulate.  When they do something that is unpleasing to You, help me to look within myself and ask myself if they emulated that behavior from their mother.  They look, they see, and they will inevitably be a lot like me.  And when I fail, because I will at times, help me to show them my repentant heart and point them back to You, the One who never fails.  I am so honored and humbled each day to be the mother of two beautiful, strong, courageous, loving girls.  Girls that I look at and see so much of myself and so much of who I was as a child and who I am today.  I love how our Creator makes us.