Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Live, Live, LIVE Life out

This afternoon is sort of cloudy with patches of sunshine peeking through and as I sit at my computer listening to the girls make up a sack lunch to take to the back of the property to the boys who are busy building another fort creation I'm reminded of something.  Love life.  Live life.  Go outside.  Smell the air.  Run in the leaves.  Play with your kids.  Eat the whole batch of cookies by yourself.  Be yourself.  Live for God first and for the approval of others never.  Do say I love you all day long.  Don't let these moments of time be just that.  I get caught up in how fast life is going by but then I remember..it's ok, I still have eternity with them.  We can just enjoy this for what this is right now.  I think I'll get off this thing, grab a cup of coffee, and go see what this new fort looks like=)

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