Sunday, April 3, 2011

Praying for My Boys

This month I am committing to praying for my boys.  Not that I do not pray for them on a regular basis, but I was invited to take this awesome challenge and really, I needed to.  I have had my boys on my heart lately.  Who they are, who they will be as young men, and who they will be as adult men with wives and children counting on them.  I know, like most moms, I want my boys to have a strong foundation of love and integrity.  I want them to love like I would want my husband to love me and I want them to be the kind of fathers I always wished I had had.  With all of that said...I know they are human and above all of the things I want them to be, I want them to be the things God wants them to be.  Even if that may take them in a different direction of what I think they should go.  Sometimes as parents I think we want the best of the best of the best for our children and forget that they are on the same journey we are and they should be seeking after the same thing we hopefully are....Jesus.  I want them to want to know His will for their lives in spite of my aspirations for them.  So my prayers have started with that.  Lord give them a heart for You.  Give them a true thirst for you and all that You are.  Lord awaken their hearts to Your amazing love and make it so real in their lives they have a burning desire to live it out.  Lord, I don't want them to just listen to me and obey my instructions, I want them to have the desire to seek You without me.  I want them as young men to truly find their own faith in You apart from me.  I've been praying for patience, kindness, consideration of others.  These things that don't come naturally to any of us...add hormones and well, it's been a tough ride for the last year or so=)  But I love seeing these boys grow, mature and make me proud in so many things they do!  Pray for me to keep praying fervently for them.
                                           Oh yea, he is AWESOME!

My sweet Reily placed first, but got points taken off for smiling.  If you know him he is ALWAYS smiling=)

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