Monday, April 11, 2011

Apologies and Good Decisions

  It's been a busy April this year.  I don't have one free weekend and the weeks are pretty booked too.  I am not the type of mom who likes to have a lot of "activities" and extra curriculars planned and booked.  I like a few here and there but go, go, going is not my thing.  So having every weekend filled is a little much for me.  It's been alright though.  We've managed.  Everyone has had something clean to wear every day, the house is a bit dishevelled, and my room has become the storage room for packages, garage sale totes, Walmart what nots, etc.  I guess this week I'll be putting things away=) 

I have some awesome boys.  I don't say this enough.  Last week while Cole was doing his chores he came up to me and said, "You know that thing(he was specific, but I don't remember what it was) I did without asking the other day?  I forgot to apologize for that.  I'm sorry."  He had got in trouble for something and got a lecture because this is an ongoing issue.  I don't think I remember wanting an apology or thinking twice about why he didn't.  Another issue we deal with.  I want them to apologize for things without being told to.  I think they're old enough to get that.  So this was really sweet.  He recognized he needed to apologize, but the really sweet part for me is it came a day or two later.  Sounds weird I know.  But if you think about it, and know my son who has a memory that spans about half a second, it tells you something.  The Holy Spirit was dealing with him on that matter.  I LOVE this!  I don't love that it took him a day or two to apologize but God working in his heart totally trumps the tardiness of the apology.  It made my day.  And had I not been really praying for them, I may not have noticed this.  God showed me that instant..see, I'm working in their hearts.  Answering my prayers. 

We had a yard sale this past weekend.  I love having garage sales.  What?  I can make money by sitting around chatting with my girlfriend selling stuff I don't use or want? Huh? OK!  So a few days before the yard sale  Reily earned some cash mowing my friend's yard for the sale.  He was so excited!  He really wants to have his own yard mowing business but is saving to buy his own mower.  He did a great job.  The first day of the yard sale her husband offered him a raking job to earn this retractable fishing pole of his Reily had been eying.  Reily jumped at the chance.  So the first day he finished about half of the raking.  He said her husband told him he could do it in the two days.  I asked him if he was sure he didn't just want to finish it that day and he said, "No."  Now there's a little side bar here.  My husband had been planning a practice run on a lake he's going to fish for a tournament next weekend.  Reily really wanted to go with him and hadn't asked yet.  I think he forgot about that when he made his decision to postpone finishing.  I know I did or I would have reminded him=)  The next day rolls around and Jake(husband) is planning on taking Reily fishing.  Cole had decided last minute he wanted to go but there is only room for 3 in my brother-in-law's boat.  So Reily was going to get to go because he asked first.  Cole was fine with that.  Then it hit me.  Reily hasn't finished that job he started.  I forgot that too=)  I'm noticing a pattern here of forgetfulness!  So I call Reily in.  I ask him if he's forgetting something about today.  He remembered instantly.  So I told him to go ask Jake to come talk to me.  I let Jake in on the dilemma and he went to talk to Reily.  This is the part I love. He asked Reily what he wanted to do.  Leaving the decision up to him to go have fun or keep his commitments.  If you know Reily, you know fishing is his life.  He would probably chose it over eating.  There was no hesitation.  He chose the commitment.  This was hard for me because it broke his heart.  But it was such an opportunity to build him up for making the honorable, responsible decision!  It was AWESOME!  And he had a great day.  My friend's husband ended up helping him finish the raking.  Then he taught him a bunch of woodworking skills, which Reily loved.  And then he payed him again for helping him out in his garage all day.  It was a good day=) 

So just a little update on how God is working in my boys' hearts through prayer.  Prayer works!  I love, love, love all of it!

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