Monday, January 13, 2014

Fill me up

I am completely empty today.  I have a bad habit of running my car out of gas.  Not completely, but to the point I find myself saying, quite often, "Kids, start praying.  We're almost out of gas and need to make it 20 more miles.  Mom forgot to fill up again."  I've gone through 2 fuel pumps in 4 years and they aren't cheap for this gas hog.  But thankfully I've never been stranded.  Even the smallest, seemingly petty prayers are heard by God.  So like my car, I have let myself become empty, warning light on, Lord fill me up.  I have absolutely nothing to give but myself.  Unworthy, undeserving, but so desperate for You, Lord.  When will I learn?  When will I come to the place when I realize that I will always be this earthen vessel in need of You?  I am so physically and emotionally exausted all I can do is cry out to You and ask you to fill me.  Take everything else that is left and fill me with all of You.

This post was in my drafts folder. I do that a lot. Write and don't finish. Something I need to work on. Finishing things.  Another resolution. But today, this fits and I needed to be reminded of the things I wrote.

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